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More Ultraconservative Career Advice from Mr. Horstman

Хорстман троллит в приватной рассылочке.

One of the core memes of career guidance today is to, “follow your passion.” You can find it all over career guidance websites. I think it’s so common that it’s accepted as a given.

Of course, it’s just totally wrong.

Wendii and I have long felt it’s really stupid guidance. Please don’t tell young people they should do so. If their passion doesn’t pay their rent, they’re probably not contributing a lot to society. Plus, admit it – very few folks actually know what their life long passion is going to be when they’re 20.

Say you now have, at 35, or 40, your dream job, something you’re passionate about, and want some young person to have what you have. This is not a reason to recommend they hold out for that job when they’re 20. You had to get there, and so will they.

P.S. Старина Марк не учитывает конечно случай обеспеченных наследников-рантье. Этим можно и хiйнёй позаниматься. Деды воевали etc.

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