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"Best of Year 2014" Nominations

I've decided to do again the "Best of Year" nominations, like I did for 2012 and following roughly the same structure. 2014 has probably been the most turbulent year in my whole life, but, as usual, I do not care to speak of anything directly. The same disclaimer applies: an item's inclusion into any of the categories below does not constitute any kind of quality-based recommendation whatsoever.

  1. Music of the year: A Pregnant Light, The Great Park, The Real Tuesday Weld, Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter.
  2. Fiction of the year: "Ravelstein" by Saul Bellow, "Flaubert's Parrot" by Julian Barnes.
  3. Non-fiction of the year:  "The Son Also Rises" by Gregory Clark, "Bourgeois Dignity" by Deirdre McCloskey.
  4. Book not read this year: "Raw Spirit" by Iain Banks.
  5. Online music broadcasting of the year: Hospital Podcast.
  6. Podcast of the year: same as above.
  7. Audio lectures of the year: like, none (OK, maybe some Coursera stuff counts).
  8. Live shows of the year: (1) Current 93 at Union Chapel, February 8th, London; (2) Virtually all of Flow Festival 2014, Helsinki.
  9. Live shows not seen this year: "Goodbye, Cagoule World" album launch by Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter and Superman Revenge Squad at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, London.
  10. Poetry of the year: Ernest Dowson, Robert Frost, Theodore Roethke.
  11. Deceased this year: Vladimir Gabriel and my poor little cousin Daria.
  12. Cities of the year: London, Moscow, New York.
  13. Cities not visited this year: Voronezh, Kiev.
  14. People not seen this year: reinike, motto.
  15. Pilgrimage of the year: Mam Tor.
  16. London Tube/DLR stations of the year: Angel, South Quay, Cutty Sark, Piccadilly.
  17. St. Petersburg Metro stations of the year: Площадь Восстания, Комсомольская.
  18. Moscow Metro stations of the year: Юго-Западная, Павелецкая, Тульская, Шаболовская.
  19. NYC Subway/PATH stations of the year: Exchange Place [PATH], Fulton Street [4,5], 33rd Street [6].
  20. Colleagues of the year: listed in my annual report (without you, I'm nothing); also, Greg A. and Denis K.
  21. Clients of the year: sadly, had too little time for them; NDA doesn't help too.
  22. St. Petersburg streets of the year: one yet unnamed.
  23. Moscow streets of the year: don't wish to be specific.
  24. London streets of the year: Casillis Road, Crews Street, Camden Passage (and many, many more).
  25. NYC streets of the year: Greene Street (actually in Jersey City), Mott Street, Greenwich Street.
  26. Holiday destination of the year: Helsinki.
  27. Conditional probability of the year: unfavourable this time.
  28. Airline most traveled this year: Aeroflot.
  29. Airline most liked this year: British Airways.
  30. Airports of the year: LHR, JFK, SVO.
  31. Train of the year: 030AA Moscow – St. Petersburg (again).
  32. Restaurants of the year: Hillstone, 1800 Montgomery (San Francisco); Steak Story, Нахимова 20 (St. Petersburg); Basso 56, 234 West 56th Street (New York).
  33. Bars & pubs of the year: Ear Inn, 326 Spring Street (New York); The Counting House, 50 Cornhill (London); Celler de la Ribera, Plaça de les Olles, 6 (Barcelona).
  34. Food of the year: Sesame chicken somewhere in New York Chinatown.
  35. Drink of the year: didn't single out anything specific, but probably Sangre del Toro.

Thank you for reading this far.


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