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When your left arm twitches, by Frank O'Hara

Наглядная иллюстрация того, как можно делать безусловно гипнотические вещи из слов, действуя полностью за пределами регулярного размера.

When your left arm twitches
by Frank O'Hara

When your left arm twitches
it’s like sunlight on sugar
to me and my tongue seeks
the sea of your skin, its oily
calm of green light on the floor
of the ocean
                     as in parting,
there’s a flutter between us
while I haul down a flag and
you look absently out of
my heart so you won’t see
what light one fears in the
sea that I don’t want you
to know is of you in me
Tags: ohara, poetry

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