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Выписки: Venkatesh Rao on moral minimalism

TWIMC: "Be Slightly Evil" Венкатеша Рао пока что вызывает ощущения примерно в десять раз сильнее, чем его же "Tempo". Огромное спасибо порекомендовавшим Венкатеша.

[The above] ideas overall add up to a pragmatic truth-driven philosophy of moral minimalism. Every new “true” thing I learn seems to shrink the domain where I can hold useful moral opinions. There is no point having a moral opinion about the law of gravity. So truth is also about increasing moral minimalism. As you learn more, you should have less need for moral opinions. Or as the French-Swiss novelist Madame de Staël once said, “When you understand everything, you can forgive everything.” We may never reach that asymptotic state within our human lifespans, but every little bit of pointless moral “responsibility” you can shrug off helps.

TWIMC: Cf. тред в одной мёртвой социальной сети на тему HFA.

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