February 3rd, 2003


[music,lj] Mixmakers

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auris, я всё до почты никак не дойду. Вернее, никак в неё не войду. Если честно, я в своей жизни ни разу посылок/бандерорей не посылал, этот раз будет первым.


[reading] Job interviews in year 1827

Here's how employers interviewed job candidates in the jolly old times.

'We want to know, in the first place,' said Mr. Pickwick, 'whether you have any reason to be discontented with your present situation.'

'Afore I answers that 'ere question, gen'l'm'n,' replied Mr. Weller, 'I should like to know, in the first place, whether you're a-goin' to purwide me with a better?'

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[space] All Fucking Utopians Must Die / No Blasphemy Here

Как же я мог не ответить на этовот этим.

Actually, most folk didn't mind if the Russians went to the Moon. All of'em.

P.S. Вот, человек тут пишет, что Фред Рид, в частности в процитированном тексте, "издевается над обывательщиной". Наверное, я очень тупой. А вы как думаете?


[citation] Фред издевается над обывательщиной — 2

It was about 1776. Tom Jefferson and Ben Franklin and some of the other Foundling Fathers were at Tom's house, drinking bourbon and branch water and playing poker. Tom had a terrible hand and wanted to get out without losing his ante. He sat bolt upright, and said, "Hey! I got an idea!"

Ben Franklin, who was a smart-ass, said, "Treat it kindly. It's in a strange place."

Tom didn't notice. He hollered, "Let's run the Brits off and start a boringly stable democracy that'll run like clockwork and be the envy of the world and take over most of it and invent rock-and-roll and the Internet. Then we can download Pink Floyd on Napster. Is that a plan, or what?"

Everybody looked stunned for a moment. The very magnitude of the idea made it hard to digest, and anyway they been at the bourbon for a while. Then John Hancock said, "Hooo—eeeeeeeee!" and Ben hollered "Oh, baby!" and they went to get their duck guns and look for Brits. Tom slipped his cards into the deck and shuffled it while they were gone.

That's how America started.

Tolerating Europeans, Barely