February 11th, 2003


[lj] Читая неизвестных юзеров


По дороге в гости меня вчера в самый разгар рождественской службы занесло в церковь, что на углу Донской и Петровского. Там при входе висит очень старая табличка, на которой характерным райкомовским шрифтом серыми буквами на черном фоне написано:



[lj] Sharing LJ with crowds of US teenagers

After reading top 10 LJ communities list posted by avva, I, naturally enough, went straight to sextips. The very first post there began like this:

Last monday I had gotten my period. No big deal there. I go to the bathroom, ready to change my pad, and to my surprise, instead of blood, there is this greenish color.

Queer place this. After such things I swear I'll never even try to touch anything from randomquestions.

Yes, and special thanks come to tiphareth because of his recent post.