February 25th, 2003


[personal,software] Help with WinNT4

I personally don't mind writing mails and LJ entries in English. However, I would appreciate the possibility to have some dumb applications, totally unaware of such notion as codepage — like, for example, Palm Desktop and Natara DayNotez — display my data in proper fonts.

My problem is that I work on a Windows NT4 Workstation computer. It has 1252 as user and system ANSI codepage and English US locale. And once I try to go to Control Panel, Regional Settings, set Russian regional settings and reboot, all the fonts become really small. Enabling large fonts and tweaking with desktop scheme does not really help — all the fonts are small and some of them are ugly.

I remember that in the good old days when I was working under NT4, I managed to solve this problem. Could somebody please help me now?

Update: Please follow me here!


[personal,software] Next level in the NT4 localization game

Continuing with this topic.

Thanks to sema's advice, reinstalling the service pack after changing the regional settings really helped. But now I have another problem. I'm not able to make the "system default" check box switched on. And the bloody DayNotez Desktop seems to abandon my choices of font scripts and always substitute the wrong ones. I think, these two facts must be connected. So, my next question is: how do I switch on the bloody checkbox?

Update: I have solved the DayNotez font problem by simply setting all fonts to MS Sans Serif, which has only the script for system codepage. So, thanks to everybody and forget about all that.

P.S. All this, especially the DayNotez's difficulties, reminds me of the old maxim I proclaimed a few years ago: most programmers in the world don't give a fuck about codepages and locales that differ from those configured locally at their workstations!