May 23rd, 2003


[music] DMST

Из того, что я надысь выложил, особенно афигителен некто Bruce E. Kinesis. Ну, и самое начало альбома. Рекомендирую!

you provided our bodies to the landscape
we worked very hard for many years
goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead
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    do make say think, "bruce e kinesis"

[music,citation] A nice formula

"Definitely an album worth picking up, and I recommend 'playing twice before listening' on this one," — as Brain's Jon Whitney wrote in his "goodbye enemy airship" review.

P.S. And it seems that Pitchfork's S. Murray just hadn't listened to the album before writing his review. What the heck does he mean by "grand crescendos that run the gamut from free jazz ("When Day Chokes The Night")…" to some other bloody metaphor that is as much in sync with the music as "When Day Chokes The Night" has to do with free jazz?!