June 16th, 2003


[technology] Servers as VMs

A new Joel's idea from his recent VMWare-related column:

It occurred to me: what if, instead of running a conventional server, you ran your server in a VM? So everything my server does would actually be running in a virtual machine on the server.


Anyway, VMWare has a server product, about which I know very little, but it probably lets you do all this and more and I think it's going to be an increasingly standard policy of good system administrators to build servers as VMs for all but the most CPU-intensive applications.

weissmann and others, what do you think?


[link,poetry] Link of the day

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature. An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. Издавалась в Нью-Йорке в 1907-1921 годах.

Ахренеть! Вот, например, главка "The Prosody of Old and Middle English". Или "Changes in the Language to the Days of Chaucer". Или "The Language from Chaucer to Shakespeare". Про биографические главки я просто молчу.

Ушёл читать.

P.S.: Зайти на главную страницу Bartleby.com, открыть один из комбобоксов в верхнем правом углу (я, разумеется, открыл Verse) и эта, фсем достать чернил и плакать, адназначна!!!

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