January 8th, 2004


[music] Диалог

mager интересуется:

А почему эти уеба пикаперы, как на подбор, слушают всякое электронное говно и любят термины типа транс-бамс-глобал- и т.д.?

AKT добавляет:

Кстати, любые наугад взятые 10 минут записей презираемых Гороховым ранних Pink Floyd, Can, Заппы или Velvet Underground несравненно ценнее, чем вся продукция восхищающих его Oval (и т.п.) — но это уже совсем другая тема, тема личной сектантской зашоренности автора "Музпросвета".


[sex,fun] On the table

Ужасти какие. Действительно, не приведи Господь дожить до такого. Курсив мой.

Another fascinating fact: it tends to be men over 50 who end up getting too close to their vacuum cleaners.


A neighbor was concerned to hear the vacuum cleaner running continuously for a long time, so she went next door to see what was up. There, she found her 57 year old neighbor dead, slumped over the dining room table in a compromising position. His legs and buttocks were wrapped in pantyhose and he had a table leg up his ass. Turns out, he had a heart attack, more from the excitement of the moment than due to malfunction of the vacuum. Upon questioning, his wife admitted having caught him once before in congress with the vacuum cleaner. She also admitted not having had sex with him for the past five years.

Нервным по ссылке не ходить, там страшные картинки.

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