February 25th, 2005


[geography] "Pappan och Havet" location

The lighthouse island's coordinates in "Pappan och Havet" (as explicitly specified on Tove's own drawing for the book's title page) are:

Lat: 60°7'12" N
Long: 25°45'50" E

Or in decimal form:

Lat: 60.1200 N
Long: 25.7639 E

Popular Web-based maps (MapQuest etc.) show no land at these coordinates. However, given the precision of the information on Tove's drawing, I somehow fail to believe that the island was just a product of her imagination. I guess there are a few people among my friends who have access to good navigation maps of the Finnish Gulf (old_skipper?). Could you please check if there are any traces of land at or near this location? A rock, maybe. Or, hopefully, a real lighthouse.


[poetry,quote] Rilke, fuckingoddamsonofabitch

Plätze, o Platz in Paris, unendlicher Schauplatz,
wo die Modistin, Madame Lamort,
die ruhlosen Wege der Erde, endlose Bänder,
schlingt und windet und neue aus ihnen
Schleifen erfindet, Rüschen, Blumen, Kokarden,
künstliche Früchte –, alle
unwahr gefärbt, – für die billigen
Winterhüte des Schicksals.

Rainer Maria Rilke, “Die Fünfte Duineser Elegie”


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