November 9th, 2005


[<undef>] Reading Pratchett and looking around

Looks like the less we rely on the proverbial Invisible Hand of unadulterated echo-gnomics, the more we are bound to be sucking the less-so-proverbial Invisible Cock of Lord Vetinari and his bureaucratic Volksstaat.

'Coz His Kingdom is not of this world [Jn 18:36], whoever that absenteeistic He actually be.


[quote,language] YOU DA MAN!

English-Arabic-English-Chinese, далее везде. Вы узнаете эту мелодию с одной ноты.

Dad! You are in the air. Your name is famous. You come to your country. You have electricity in the air and it is grounded. Today you give us food today. You forgive what we trespass. We forgive who trespass. You do not go to entertainment. You deliver bad things. You are the man.

Знамо, Капитан наш Бифхарт про electricitiy не просто так возвещал!