December 5th, 2005


[nationalfrage,quote,fuck] РОЛ

Тайна кракодюла раскрыта! Он русский — это многое объясняет!

Crescent Blues: The Fraternity of Crocodiles have as their primary pursuit the destruction of Zebra and other prey. What makes the dimwitted crocodiles with strange accents funny? And what kind of accent do the Crocodiles, who stalk their "Zeeba neighba" have?

Stephan Pastis: They are not without criticism. But I think for every 25 positive comments I get a negative. The positives of the Crocodiles far outweigh the negatives. They have increased [web] hits, increased sales, and increased interest in the books. I can't explain it.

I don't know. I hear them speak Russian when I start. I have had people say everything about that accent, even accuse me of being racist.

Just one night, I thought, "I've got to bring the predators to the neighborhood." I think it was missing a non-PC voice in the strip. Something like a Frankenstein.

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