November 22nd, 2006


[language,link,business] Useful samples for business correspondence

В копилку бронзовых фраз для деловой переписки. Требует некоторой полировки, впрочем.

Если у Вас есть Ваша фотография в соблазнительной позе, в купальнике или даже naked, пришлите, пожалуйста, мне будет очень приятно.



[quote,business,technology] Really, really scary QotD

From today's WTF:

[The vision] was to add a set of Web Services to each existing application so that data could be accessed in a uniform method by other applications. This way, if the Accounts Payable system ever needed to know who checked in some code to the Source Control system, it'd be a simple Web Service call.

Imagining Payroll in place of Accounts Payable really, really gives me creeps.

P.S. The WTF itself is also very touching.