September 5th, 2008


[link,aktuell,nationalitätenfrage] As Russia bears down on Crimea, Jews debate what's next

В поисках информации про якобы раздачу в Крыму российских паспортов наткнулся на статеечку из New York Jewish Week. Всё в ней гармония, всё диво, особенно фамилии двух вождей крымского еврейства — Трахтенберг и Тупилов.


[economy,aktuell,quote] QotD

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said today that investors should close their long ruble positions, or bets that the Russian currency will rise, based on 12-month non-deliverable forwards.

Via uzhas_sovka. Как справедливо замечает нам current music, I have become a prisoner of my country's dread. My own land's fear has overtaken me. Hungry and tired I've searched this landscape, but my country's become a prison. So, goodbye, great nation! Though I was born in your lush pastures, I will not regret your passing. I will not miss your violence. I will not miss your attachment to the one lonely idea which hangs before you like a crown.

В этой связи В. Путин заметил: "Как никому непонятный? У нас, что, нет структур, которые могут с ним разобраться?"

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