March 16th, 2009


[music,shopping,humanity] Art of Field Recording

Забыл похвастаться, что у меня теперь есть вот такое и я его слушаю:

Art Of Field Recording Vol.1Art Of Field Recording Vol.2

Знающий, где поиметь, да поимеет.

Art Rosenbaum is a folk revivalist of the old school. He believes that traditional ballads, blues, spirituals, and fiddle tunes are among the glories of American culture. Last fall, Dust-to-Digital released Art of Field Recording: Volume I, a four-CD retrospective of Rosenbaum’s work. It contained everything from ring shouts and murder ballads to a song about twenty frogs going to school. It was full of throaty voices and clanging banjos and the incidental music of daily life — babies crying, bar glasses clinking, cicadas on a summer night.

Великая страна, великая культура!


[photo,humanity,history] Slide rules

A stunninng couple of shots from Dead Programmer's Cafe (Michael was visiting National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC).

Michael comments:

They have, side by side, Nestler sliderules that used to belong to former z/k Korolev and former Sturmbannführer von Braun. Missing is the Nestler that used to belong to Albert Einstein. I also wonder who now owns the two two-copek coins that were Korolev's lucky charm. I also wonder if von Braun used to have a lucky charm.