March 14th, 2013


QotD: Mt. Mihara, или А японцы всё падали и падали

Магеру наверное понравится. Источник всё тот же, что про Golden Gate.

Perhaps the second-most-famous jump site in the world is the Mt. Mihara volcano in Japan. In January 1933, a girl jumped to her death there. The next month another girl from the same school did the same. A legend soon arose that they were instantly cremated and their souls went straight to heaven in a plume of smoke. On a single day in April, six people jumped and twenty-five more were forcibly prevented from doing so. By the end of 1933, there were 133 known suicides and an unknown, but large, number of others were suspected. Despite police efforts (including prohibition on sale of one-way ferry tickets to the volcano's island), there were 619 confirmed jumps in 1936 alone, but suicides here didn't stop until 1955, when a badly injured couple who had jumped were rescued from inside the crater. This destroyed the illusion of jiffy cremation and, apparently, the allure of the volcano.

Из парочки потом сделали Дартов Вейдеров интересно?

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