October 24th, 2013


On Five Whys Technique

Хорстман приводит блестящий пример применения техники "пяти почему" для root cause analysis.

In golf, there is something called a Stimpmeter. It measures the speed of a green. In professional golf, in America, having fast and uniform greens is often desired in tournaments (in part by the pros themselves; uniformity reduces their uncertainties.)

But the Scots, who invented the game, see it WAY better than us over-thinking Yanks. One former Secretary of the Royal & Ancient (the governing board of golf world-wide) was asked about their course set-up for an Open Tournament.

— Are you going to use the Stimpmeter?

— Why would I want to do that?

— To measure green speeds.

— Why would I want to do that?

— To make sure they’re consistent, green to green.

— Why would I want to do that?