June 8th, 2014


A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety

Специально не ставлю обычного ката "Всем похў", потому что хочу выписать так, без ката. Охрененное совершенно.

A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety
by William Butler Yeats

Come swish around, my pretty punk,
And keep me dancing still
That I may stay a sober man
Although I drink my fill.

Sobriety is a jewel
That I do much adore;
And therefore keep me dancing
Though drunkards lie and snore.

O mind your feet, O mind your feet,
Keep dancing like a wave,
And under every dancer
A dead man in his grave.

No ups and downs, my pretty,
A mermaid, not a punk;
A drunkard is a dead man,
And all dead men are drunk.