Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

День начинается с двух цитат

День начинается с двух цитат, обе про Маньку-Мотивацию.

The question therefore becomes this: How can we keep the artist discontented with his pictures while preventing him from being vitally discontented with his art? How can we make a man always dissatisfied with his work, yet always satisfied with working? How can we make sure that the portrait painter will throw the portrait out of window instead of taking the natural and more human course of throwing the sitter out of window?

Угу, ага. А потом:

I can't promise anything, but there might be some verbal praise down the road.

С конторской кухни мерзко воняет рыбой.

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