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[music,link] Vital Weekly (incl. review of Shalabi Effect debut album)

Vital Weekly. Некто Frans de Waard пишет всякое про музыку. Архив хостится на сайте некоей околомузыкальной организации Staalplaat ("Staalplaat is a forum for soundartists, an organisation network with a music label, an e-zine, a radio program, an audio-galerie, shop, mail order and distribution company, based in Amsterdam and Berlin").

Найден из-за этого куска текста:

I never thought about the Shalabi Effect, maybe the salami variant of the
Doppler Effect? No, Shalabi Effect are not called after some mysterious
audio effect, but after bandleader Sam Shalabi. Together with the for me
unknown Anthony Seck and Will Eizlini and the known Alexander St-Onge, he
made this double debut CD. According to the wrap around of the CD this
should appeal to fans of No Neck Blues Band, AMM, Pink Floyd and Taj Mahal
Travellers. Me liking at least two of those, think this is a strange
combination, but hey, it could work. Eclectism is in, in every field of
art, not the least in music. Tracks here are loosely improvised on
multi-track, but mixed with great care, leaving out the tedious bits (I
assume this of course, as I haven't sat next to te mixing desk) and to
bring structure in the pieces. Many of them operate from a tabla/percussive
rhythm and repeating guitar patterns that sound a little bit mediaval.
Added are scraping sounds, curved sounds of the synth, and small textural
sounds. The overall effect is a pleasent, almost dreamy set of music, that
nicely floats by, while watching the rain fall outside. Shalabi Effect
don't loose themselves in endless, undynamic improv sessions, but in
closed, confined pieces of music. I am still puzzled what the effect is,
but it has certainly to do with trance... (FdW)
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