Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

[citation] Здесь вам не тут

Полный текст Aidan'а c "Droopy Butt Begone!". Маразм , да.

After the revolution there will be free goat cheese. After the revolution there will be no beer but home-brew and brewers will rightfully reclaim their place as community leaders. Community leaders will know their place after the revolution and won't have to be told when they take up too much space in the collective. All western duality black and white thinking will be replaced with the many shades of grey. Concrete will never be a building material left without paint because the colour grey will be banned by the committee in charge of the revolution. The committee in charge of the revolution will be made up of the people least able to run a committee in charge of the revolution. If the committee in charge of the revolution was too efficient it would become too successful and might actually come to power which would be a bad thing because the revolution is all about empowerment and has nothing to do with power over. Besides which, any efficient revolutionary attempt is more likely to be stopped and co-opted by the present powers because it's hard to beat assholes at their own game. I believe in the present powers of gift giving, hockey riot potlatch, potluck dinners, 14 course vegetarian meals that turn into enormous surprise confrontations with the police, that empower normal people into choosing sides, that make 40 year old mothers of 2 throw bricks at cops, that make the football team mutually touch each other sexually, that make cops themselves arrest the cops inside their own heads and join the worldwide, non-stop, lifetime carnival against power. It will take us at least 100 years and maybe the world we inherit will be ruined but it will be ours and we have nothing to fear in ruins. All we got to do is sort out our fucked up heads (lots of people have done it before, it's the easiest, hardest thing), learn to work better with others, know our history and be ready to die heartbroken because that way you got your ass covered. With these few simple things in place we can get on our bikes and start riding, because it's good for the heart and the lungs, because it makes us stronger, because wheels turn around to the beginning but end up further ahead, soon we will be nearer the day of free goat cheese.


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