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[reading] Сказки-гандураски

На выходных продолжил смакование полных братьев Гримм в английской версии. В частности, немало поржав, поделился с Юльчей вот таким вот началом сказки:

104 / Wise Folks

One day a peasant took his good hazel-stick out of the corner and said to his wife, "Trina, I am going across country, and shall not return for three days. If during that time the cattle-dealer should happen to call and want to buy our three cows, you may strike a bargain at once, but not unless you can get two hundred thalers for them; nothing less, do you hear?" "For heaven's sake just go in peace," answered the woman, "I will manage that." "You, indeed," said the man. "You once fell on your head when you were a little child, and that affects you even now; but let me tell you this, if you do anything foolish, I will make your back black and blue, and not with paint, I assure you, but with the stick which I have in my hand, and the colouring shall last a whole year, you may rely on that." And having said that, the man went on his way.

Юльча очень обиделась и спросила, в чём фан.

Сегодня, после обращения за помощью к нашим любимым сисадминам, безо всякой задней мысли посоветовал ихнему старшине посмотреть свежий мультик от Джея Доналдсона под названием "Clown Tech Support" (NB: и вам советую, только обязательно дослушайте до конца диалог, который идёт в заключительных титрах!). Старшина очень обиделся и спросил, рекомендую ли я ему этот мультик, как другу или как злейшему врагу.


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