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[programming] Ещё об облизьянах

Классная оказалась наколка про облизьян! Но ещё лучше сайт компании PPI, предоставляющей услуги по облизьяньему аутсорсингу разработки и тестирования:

Primate Programming Inc: The Evolution of Java and .NET Training

Погуляйте по сайту, он хороший.

PP-FAQ excerpts

What are the costs?

Costs for software maintenance and report writing start at 69 cents per hour. Software testing requires less skill and this service starts at 45 cents per hour.

What about software testing?

Great apes (hominoids) do not have tails, while monkeys do. Research indicates that great apes are very productive in the areas of software maintenance and report writing, while most monkeys will struggle. Monkeys however are great at software testing. So the rule of thumb is, if you don't have a tail, you can probably program.

Can I interview Primate Programmers of interest to my firm?

Yes. All interviews have to be in written form, since our apes are accustomed to that style of communication. They all have great written English skills.

Can I visit your corporate headquarters?

Yes. Our Primate Programming Inc. campus is open for tours and programmer interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Interviews are held after the primates have their daily work out in our jungle room, a special work-out center for the hominoid staff.


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