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О ведении дневников

Специально в тему LJ. Уставши от музыки и изучения истории Холокоста (см. позже) читаю Люсю Келлэуэй, "Sense and Nonsense in the Office" и натыкаюсь на пассаж в тему ведения дневников.

In any case, keeping a journal would without doubt make me feel less meaningful. Take today, for example. Thursday 31 October: Woke Up. Raining. Got train to Moorgate. Went swimming. Go to work. Chatted, worked. Had prawn sandwich and KitKat for lunch. Worked, chatted. Went home.

Lucy Kellaway, "Breast implants and the Meaning Thing"

Люська вообще баба крайне ехидная.

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