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[programming] Agility

What Is Failure? Самые простые мысли обычно самые умные.

But what do we really mean 'failure'? The CHAOS report defines success as on-time, on-budget and with most of the expected features. But is this really success? After all Windows 95 was horribly late yet was extremely successful for Microsoft's business.

Rather than saying that a project is failed because it is late, or has cost overruns — I would argue that it's the estimate that failed. So the CHAOS report isn't chronicling software project failure, it's chronicling software estimation failure.

Ещё про fixed-price контракты.

Хотя у меня от всех этих agile-забав остаётся одно стойкое ощущение — до массового признания agile-стилистики в пока ещё близкой мне области заказной разработки должны дорасти не менеджеры (и уж конечно не разработчики), а продавцы.

Clements и компания в уже цитировавшемся CMU/SEI-2003-TN-2003:

In particular, there is no evidence that agile methods work for large, separately developed, long-lived systems that are turned over to different organizations for maintenance. In fact, the term maintenance is mentioned infrequently in the agile literature.

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