Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

[quote,fun] Five+ word reviews


  • January

    January by William Carlos Williams Again I reply to the triple winds
 running chromatic fifths of derision
 outside my window:

  • Holidays

    Holidays by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The holiest of all holidays are those Kept by ourselves in silence and apart; The secret…

  • Happy New Year from Edmund Spenser, His Own Self!!!

    Remake через два года. Вновь цитирую дорогого товарища Котовского, который покинул ЖЖ, но мы-то знаем, где его искать. Из далёкого шестнадцатого…

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