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Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

[reading,fun] Фред делает NASA и современную науку

Читал в метро свежего Фреда-на-всё. Тихо-тихо, чтобы не испугать соседей по вагону, плакал, размазывая слёзы и сопли по щекам.

Scientists don't really know anything. In chemistry they have this thing called Avocado's number, which is how many atoms there are in a mole. Seriously. Six-point-oh-two-three-times-ten-to-the-twenty-third atoms per mole. It makes no sense. What size mole? Obviously a huge übermole with great hairy forepaws like scoops (the only kind I get in my lawn) has more atoms than a dwarf mole or a baby mole. Why moles and not, say flying squirrels?

А собственно по теме статьи Фред вообще лапочка, о чём я уже много раз говорил. Прочитайте, это стоит пяти минут вашего времени.

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