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[reading] Наследники Карлсона

Что бы там ни было написано в K5 FAQ, очевидно, слово "kuro5hin" происходит не от "corrosion", а от "курощения". Вот например две замечательные статьи на тему обращения с корпоративной домомучительницей и их преамбулы.

Your Guide to Looking Busy at Work

The computer has irreversibly changed the workplace. E-mail has replaced memos, Winamp has replaced the portable FM radio and stupid Far Side desktop wallpapers have replaced stupid Far Side wall calendars.

With all these changes, we often overlook the single greatest boon that computers have brough to the employed masses: the ability to look busy.

HOWTO: write bad documentation that looks good


In every tech's life, there comes a time when management starts to insist on better documentation.

Perhaps a round of layoffs or outsourcing is imminent. Perhaps the simmering disdain between techs and management has escalated into open hatred. Either way, you are clearly on the way out, and management wants to grease the wheels for your successor.


You wish to produce documentation that:

  • will impress your management, and facilitate your remaining time in that job.
  • will not substantially help your replacement(s).
  • does not betray obvious signs of sabotage.


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