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[reading] More K5

From "The 'Other' Presidential Candidates" by felixrayman.

Lowell J. Fellure, a Republican from West Virginia , claims that the US is "being destroyed by atheists, Marxists, liberals, queers, liars, draft-dodgers, flag-burners, dope addicts, sex perverts and anti-Christians". The Politics1 site dryly quips that 'Fellure, clearly, does not buy into the whole "Big Tent" concept of the GOP'.

Не иначе это Фред Рид под именем товарища Феллюра фигачит.

Но демократы как всегда впереди!

First up is Randy Crow, a businessman from North Carolina who picked up 72 votes in the New Hampshire primaries. Mr. Crow's stated motivation for entering politics is "to get rid of filthy communists and lots of others", so perhaps he is an example of a "Reagan Democrat". According to Politics1, Mr. Crow 'has a "hunch" that he "may be The Returning Christ… I do believe firmly that in a way whether or not I am The Returning Christ is a non event and do not worry about it at all, except I do pray that if I am The Returning Christ I would like to be the coolest, greatest, most fantastic Returning Christ in the history of the Universes'.

Так что наши президентские выборы — это просто какая-то стыдная фигня.

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