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Тибет сообщает:

Current 93
SixSixSix: SickSickSick CD

This beautiful digipak CD reissues some long-deleted and sought-after Current 93 material. It includes the 2 studio tracks from the 'Looney Runes' EP ('Panzer Ruin (In the Hands of Gillespie)'; 'That's All Folks'); all the 3 tracks from the 'Lucifer Over London' EP ('Lucifer Over London'; 'Sad-Go-Round'; 'The Seven Seals Are Revealed at the End of Time as Seven Bows: The Bloodbow, The Pissbow, The Painbow, The Faminebow, The Deathbow, The Angerbow, The Hohohobow') and the 2 tracks from the very limited 'Tamlin' EP ('Tamlin'; 'How the Great Satanic Glory Faded'). As an extra, the music hall cover of 'Misery Farm', originally released in a tiny edition of just over 600 for some shows in New York, is appended to the end of the CD. All the original releases are long out of print. Full colour gatefold digipak with new artwork incorporating much of the original artwork. Full lyrics and notes by David Tibet included in the comprehensive 16 page booklet.

Песец как круто, я считаю.


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