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[music] AMG был тупой

Новая проблема AMG — использование в качестве авторов рецензий слишком узких специалистов. Кем надо быть, чтобы не просечь в названиях треков "капитанского альбома" Acid Mothers Temple столь очевидную аллюзию?

St. Captain Freak Out and the Magic Bamboo Request

This time out, the Acid Mothers Temple collective tackle the concept album, or more accurately, a trip-opera as the band have called it. It "follows" the adventures of St. Captain Freak Out, but finding any sort of story line in the sonic soup within is impossible. Even song titles are of no help, but "A Bamboo Is as Close as Miss Trout to Mashmallows" and "Maggot Head Cheese" provide some provocative imagery. <…> There is some stellar material on here ("Dead Man Is Smoking," "Sweet Lucille or Lick My Milk Off, Baby"), for those with the patience to sift through 70 minutes of sludge to find it. <…> This release does have some of the best cover art, being an Acid Mothers-centric version of the Sgt. Pepper's cover, as appropriated by Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. — James Mason

Волга впадает в Каспийское море. Заппа издевался над Сержантом (да).

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