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[music,aktuell] Смерть Мирового Змея + Осип Сокрович

Из дуртровской рассылки новостей узнал про смерть World Serpent. Disclaimer: я не тормоз, просто на яховские рассылки C93, DIJ и тому подобные у меня уже давно не хватает времени.

Все уже пожалели Тибета, продающего дом в  Лондоне и переезжающего с женой на сто первый километр?

One of the results of this sad state of affairs is that my wife Dri and I will be selling our house and leaving London (see below) as we can no longer afford to keep our situation in London viable.

I will be selling my house, signed and numbered 1 of 1 copy, on eBay in the near future, with bids starting at £93,939.93 pence. Internal circular plaques will point out where I sat, defecated and talked to myself whilst wildly gesturing at the sunset and unicorns; an inverted triangular plaque will mark where Steven and I fell out so badly we will never work again or speak to each other again. Furthermore, I will be leaving a copy of an unreleased C93 double album from 1995, 'Black Ships Ate the Sky', in a cavity in the house with a plan hidden in the garden to both find it and to give the successful house buyer full rights to release it.

Хей, чуваки, давайте что ли скинемся?


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