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Попалась вот конторка.

Press Release Group is a New York-based market research firm specializing in the Russian-language market. It helps companies understand product movement and consumer behavior in the Russian-language market in the New York Area.

А дальше трогательное.

According to the most recent study conducted by Press Release Group, there are 1,670,000 Russian-speaking people residing in the New York Tri-State area This number represents approximately 8% of the total market. The Russian-speaking population constitutes a substantial portion of the total market in the New York Metro Area, and is much larger than other prominent ethnic groups. The Chinese population numbers 760,000 and the Dominican community consists of 620,000 people in the Metro area.

The Russian-speaking population is substantially better off than other large ethnic communities and the overall New York population. While the median income of households in New York City was $38,866, the median income of Russian households was $47,000 according to the most recent Census data. Among other large ethnic groups, median household income was $42,199 in the Chinese population, and $19,800 in the Dominican community.

More than half of the Russian-speaking community uses the Internet on a regular basis. This data implies that marketing and advertising campaigns through the Internet may be effective, unlike other communities.


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