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[reading] Ethnicity according to system analysts

Приехала из страны Амазонии посылка, в которой в частности лежала книжка «Enterprise Patterns and MDA: Building Better Software with Archetype Patterns and UML» by Jim Arlow & Ila Neustadt. Просматривая книжку по диагонали, наткнулся на очаровательное:


The Ethnicity archetype represents a classification of one or more People according to common racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic, or cultural origin or background.

Each Person may have zero or more Ethnicities (see Figure 4.9). It can be useful to capture this information for CRM and marketnig reasons, with the permission of the individual. For example, some ethnic groups may have specific product needs, service requirements, or preferences.

You can see that we have modeled Ethnicity simply as a name and a description. You may choose to add more information to Ethnicity, including business rules and preferences, as appropriate to your application.

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