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[profession,link,fuck] The Daily WTF strikes back (and forth)

Desperate, really desperate!!!

public static boolean IsNull(String str)
    boolean isnull = false;

      (str == null) ||
      (str.equals("__")) ||
      (str.equals("__null")) ||
      (str.equals("_null_")) ||
      //Added for Issue #107724
      (str.equals("_null_null")) ||
      (str.equals("null__")) ||
      (str.equals("null__null")) ||
      //Added for Issue #126185
      (str.equals("null_null_")) ||
    ) isnull = true;

    return isnull;

raven_hl, let's praise the Lord together for he saves us from such miseries.

Tags: fcuk, link, profession

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