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[reading,quote] Pratchett QotD

Вообще-то, должен признать, что товарищ Пратчетт не вызывает у меня чувство открывающейся бездны, как в своё время THHGTTG. Однако, четвёрка с плюсом по гамбургерскому счёту — это тоже что-то. Значительную часть плюса составляет, само собой, именование великого воина "Коган-Варвар".

По какому случаю я и совершу сегодня две выписки из "The Light Fantastic".

'[The city of Ankh-Morpork] has an ancient and honourable history,' said Rincewind, his voice stiff with injured civic pride.

'That's not how you described it to me,' said Twoflower. 'You told me it was the only city that actually started out decadent.'

Rincewind looked embarrassed. 'Yes, but, well, it's my home, don't you see?'

'No,' said the shopkeeper, 'not really. I always say home is where you hang your hat.'

'Um, no,' said Twoflower, always anxious to enlighten. 'Where you hang your hat is a hatstand. A home is —'

'Bonfires of books?'

'Yes. Horrible, isn't it?'

'Right,' said Cohen. He thought it was appalling. Someone who spent his life living rough under the sky knew the value of a good thick book, which ought to outlast at least a season of cooking fires if you were careful how you tore the pages out. Many a life had been saved on a snowy night by a handful of sodden kindling and a really dry book. If you felt like a smoke and couldn't find a pipe, a book was your man every time.

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