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[music] Заметки фенолога

В процессе регулярного обхода сайтов любимых лейблов наткнулся на сайте Constellation на осеннее объявление:

For the first time in our eight-year history, Constellation is sitting out a season and will not be releasing any new records this fall. Lots of great stuff is in the works, and we should be ready to announce some winter/spring 2006 releases soon, from bands already on the Constellation roster, and a number of new bands as well. We also plan to launch a special release series in 2006, which will open up new possibilities, projects and responses to a world that continues to be stranger, sadder and slimier than fiction.

In the interim, we're chipping away at a complete overhaul of this clunky old web site, which we hope will improve our ability to offer direct mail-order, special releases, and a wider window on our interests, inspirations, complaints and concerns. We may also be moving house soon (which we've been trying to do for ages) but expect the dust will settle on that in time for the new year.

В общем, друзья живы, что не может не радовать.


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    Ну и для тех, кто не застал во френдфидике. И, спасибо orie, бонус-трек.

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    Прекрасное, via ai212983.

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